Continuing with my theme of great supplement and nootropic reviews, I’ll be covering Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs in this particular blog post. If you’re after a TL:DR for this supplement, then let me tell you know that I do not rate Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs very highly at all.

Alpha Brain Key Detailsalpha brain ingredients list

  • It’s another nootropic supplement designed to enhance your overall brain power and mental performance.
  • Key ingredients of the formula include Alpha GPC and Bacopa. You can see a full list of ingredients to the right.
  • I did not find any positive benefit from taking Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs. This is supported by the fact that the product is reviewed less favorably than most other nootropics on Amazon.

Alpha Brain Side Effects

I didn’t experience any unwanted side effects when trying Onnit Labs’ Alpha Brain. Unfortunately, I didn’t really experience any positive effects either!

Alpha Brain Recommended Dosage

The manufacturer recommended dosage is between 1-3 capsules of Alpha Brain per day. I went with 2, although a lot of other users seem to be recommending 3.

Alpha Brain Review Conclusion

I give Alpha Brain a review of two stars out of five (2/5). It didn’t have any positive benefits for me in terms of improving my mental focus, concentration, or agility. However, customer reviews on Amazon seem to indicate that it can work when taken in combination with other supplements.

To be honest, I would recommend that you try either Excelerol or FOCUSfactor if you’re looking for a good one-size-fits-all supplement (i.e. you take one product and don’t stack anything else).

Where Can You Buy Alpha Brain

I got Alpha Brain from Amazon, which seems like the easiest and most popular place for people to purchase the supplement. You can order in a number of size combinations, with the default option being a 30 capsule bottle.

If you’re interested in buying Alpha Brain on Amazon, then click here. But please bear in mind my recommendations of superior products.