One of the most common questions I get from readers of this blog is the following: “Can lazy people be successful?”.

After all, news media, television, and the Internet is filled with messages that clearly scream you need to be a motivated “Gordon Gecko” style person to do well.

So can you really be successful and lazy at the same time?

I believe that it is possible to have some lazy tendencies and do well in life. Lazy people often have an uncanny knack for finding easy ways of doing things (hence that misattributed quote by Bill Gates, about him preferring to hire lazy people).

However, long-term laziness does suck away at your productivity and effectiveness. That’s why I’m such a firm believer in encouraging people to take control of their lives and get more done with every precious moment.

Although a lazy person may succeed in the short term, in the long run I find it hard to envisage them being as successful as somebody who has inner drive, motivation, and focus.

To conclude; can lazy people be successful?

Probably … but it’s a bit like asking “can I pass an exam without studying”. Sure, you most likely can. But if studying can yield so much better results, then why wouldn’t you do it?

Realistically, if you can take reasonable steps to enhance your chances of success and personal achievement, then you would be crazy not to.

So what are you going to do about it?

Start by watching this short video on how to find your inner focus.