In between blogging about overcoming laziness, procrastination, and motivation, I’m also developing a huge interest in improving my memory and recall (my aim is to master the art of total recall, which will be useful for studying and my future career).

Total recall (and I’m not talking about the Arnie movie here btw) is usually referred to as photographic memory, but in fact it is technically called eidetic memory.

Some experts have argued that photographic memory is a load of BS, but many others are convinced its true. But what really matters to me is this question:

“Can you train your brain to have photographic memory?”

I’ve always had a fairly good memory, which has helped me with things like learning languages, getting good grades at university and school, and learning musical instruments.

However, I really want to take that memory to the next level and train my brain to have photographic memory. I’ve started following the advice in this video and am already seeing results, so I can’t wait to see how much
better my memory will become.


By combining brain supplements with the right techniques I’m positive that almost anybody could literally coerce their mind into developing a photographic memory or total recall.