How To Discover Your Life Mission

The key to discovering your goals in life! Firstly we need to define what are your values?


What is your life’s purpose or what is your mission in life? Defining you purpose in life is the aim of today’s blog. Your life mission is the aim, vision, dream or goal towards which you strive for above all else. It is the reason behind your existence and it is the result or a desire to accomplish or reach some higher plane. It will normally be the reason why an individual is doing certain deeds with an intention to fulfill an anticipated result.

The ambition to discover your goals in life is almost as old as mankind. As humans we have the striving motivation to prove to others and ourselves that we do actually have a purpose to live. Sadly, many of us spend and waste their precious time pondering what their purpose could be, of which it’s neither fun nor fulfilling, especially when one is not able to resolve the, how to discover your life mission puzzle or you not in a position to discover your goals in life.

It is crucial to consider that your goals in life might relate a lot with the activities which inspire, motivate and fulfill you, which might be your vision or a career that’s not related to the professional life you leading. Often we find ourselves in a professional role that we find unrewarding but we continue in it anyway as you need the job to pay your bills. One thing is for certain, and that is we are not placed on this earth just to pay bills. There needs to be something more.

When it comes to how to discover your life mission or how to discover your goals in life, one has to search deep inside one’s heart with all honesty and sometimes you need to be brutally honest with yourself. This must be done so as to discover what you would love to do. A lot of individuals are held up there since doing what one wants is often described as being selfish. It is not being selfish. It is really about being the REAL YOU, to often people lead unsatisfying lives because they are concerned about what other people might think.

You were created and brought into existence by a power which is much powerful than yourself and that’s imbued with talents, tendencies and gifts that are natural so as to contribute those values and skills to the world. Your work is to discover what you love doing, then plan and organize yourself so as to do them. This generates and creates a rich tapestry of being experienced, first to yourself and to others this making the world a wonderful place.

True goals are the things you sincerely want to fulfill and once you achieve them you get the feeling true happiness, joy and fulfillment. One’s true goal should not be something which was predetermined by the society, one’s friends or the parents and mostly not something others believe you must do. You will realize your true goal once you get the feeling of a burning desire which you surely want to achieve and fulfill it, that feeling to set out to do whatever it takes so as to reach that specific goal you have.

How to discover your life mission. Discover your goals in life

To discover your mission in life or to discover your goals in life; to start with you should let go all the thoughts and ideas which are streaming into your mind right away, may be concerning your job or your short- and long-term achievements and goals. The thoughts and ideas might be irritating when you trying to find and discover your life purpose, mainly as these aims and purposes are likely not to relate to the real meaning of the life you are living. Allow yourself to be free from the false purposes which your friends, society or even your parents might have given you an idea about, in order to be independent and liberal-minded from those external influences. You can only fix the how to discover your life mission or discover your goals in life once you decide to focus on yourself.

Once you are free from those false purposes we can now major and focus on the puzzle: “How to discover your life mission. Discover your goals in life”

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Technique no. 1 – Brainstorming

  1. Have a piece of paper, preferably one which is big and can evolve to a mind map.
  2. Jot your question down e.g.: “What’s the real purpose in my life?”
  3. Jot down whatever that comes into your mind.
  4. Write down similar, related, or some other thoughts then start to evolve them.
  5. Start formulating topics for related and similar thoughts.
  6. Once you get numerous topics you can now start formulating goals for everyone.
  7. Repeat point no. 3-6 until you really have no clue of what to write anymore.
  8. Summarize all the goals then have them as your real purpose in life.

The better you’re able to format your mind of all the false purposes, the more liberal-minded you’re and the social circumstances, the better will be the final outcome of this technique. It might take time and numerous thoughts have to be put down in paper prior to deciding and distinguishing between the false and real goals in one’s life. You only have to be persistent so as to manage an understanding of the real meaning of your life, when you discover and manage the solution to that, you’ll have a feeling of like a flood of some positive emotions. Do not dispose yourself to distraction or interruption while you trying to identify your life goals. You might feel and want like to quit the exercise, since excuses and reasons will start to come up. This is the level you have to be persistent and create self-awareness that the outcome of the brainstorming would have a surprising impact in your life

Find your gift in life

Technique no. 2, the “What would you do if…”

At personal level, I prefer technique no. 1, in case you are going through some challenges in identifying the sole purpose and goals of your life with the first technique above you might prefer to have a glance at this 2nd technique:

Put yourself in a situation where your doctor has informed you that you have developed a complicated condition and you’re only left with one year to live. What are you going to do?

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  1. You can once again have a piece of paper and scribble at its top in bold letters: “What would I opt to do if I am left with only one year to live?”
  2. Identify the answer to that question of yours.
  3. Summarize the answers you have and let them be your real purpose/goal in life.

Just as explained in the first technique you can feel free to jot down the first thoughts and ideas which come into your mind.

Technique no.3- List your interests and passions.

Put down on paper the things which you enjoy doing. They can be related to your work, home life, or your personal life. They must be things which make you happy, those which you surely enjoy doing. They are the things which you enjoy doing without getting a payment for them, and they are the probable things which make you to lose track of your time.

Technique no.4- Write down what you love.

The people and things which you love are very crucial to your life quality and the way you use your time. Acknowledging the people and things which you love can assist you focus your purpose and passions. Focusing on the things which you love from the heart, rather than you value with reason, might draw you closer to your true and real passions.

e.g. If your primary love is for your family, you are most likely not to get satisfied if your life is occupied by a career which makes you spend most of your time away from family.

Technique no.5-Find your joy.

It’s almost similar to your passions and interests, but identifying your joy is a bit more focused. To identify your joy, brainstorm about what causes you to be blissfully happy. Think on the last moments you had a crazy laugh that your ribs hurt, or you smiled that your cheeks went sore.

E.g. it can be creative to ponder on the type of play you enjoyed most when you were a child.

Make yourself happy discover your life goals



Discovering and identifying your purpose/goals might prove to be the most challenging part, but it’s totally a necessity for you if you are to focus on the accomplishment and fulfillment of the true sole purpose and goals of your life.


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