Every time the bells ring at New Year, everybody makes these claims of a “new you” by doing things like eating less, drinking less, stopping smoking, more exercises, more hours at work, following your dreams etc. At the start of the year, it comes easily, you feel motivated and ready to get going. But, come the end of February, most of us fall back into our old trap of sitting around doing the things we wanted to avoid.

This is due to the lack of motivation. Things were beginning to go well, and you thought that you could keep going on and on without any real problems – and then you found it a struggle one day, and that was it finished. Willpower lowers as you go, and you start cutting corners and lagging, leaving it to the next day and everything else.

Sometimes we just get so busy, wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to increase your motivation an easy way?

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motivation to achieve your goals

However, when this happens it can leave you in a bit of a rut. You may not know how to get yourself back on track, and fall into a bit of a hole in terms of motivation and self-confidence. Some people like to use cognitive behavioural therapy, a type of psychology which can help remove negative thought patterns and keep you motivated.

However, we want to show you that specific behaviour and mental fortitude can really help you improve as a person and let you stay motivated and actually stick to your New Year’s Resolution. For example, you may be looking to lose weight and start off really well – but then you have a bad run at work and you go on the comfort eating rotations again. You need to learn how to stick to your plans and go through with them. Here are some ways that you can keep yourself happy and motivated;

Develop attainable goals and a plan to succeed. For example, if you are going to stop smoking, you cannot do a complete stop and just hope for the best. You should try and find something to replace the gap in your life – exercise, for example. You will find that those five minutes enjoying a smoke start to open up an hour or so in your life that you didn’t use before, so put it to good use.

Allow positive thinking and when something goes well, allow yourself to have some credit for once. Don’t think “Yeah, but it was only…” and actually give yourself positive vibes, using goals to avoid negative behaviour.

Focus on dealing with things that you can deal with that are attainable and actually worth your time – do not chase goals that are unattainable for you.

Identify problems you could potentially encounter when trying to battle your demons and start again. Work out what they are, and how to get around these problems in the future.

Hold yourself accountable for things that go wrong – there is always a deciding factor in somebody who always fails, and that is themselves. They do not hold themselves accountable for mistakes, and blame everybody else. It is time to accept responsibility, and with that, finding ways around the problems that are causing you trouble and how to beat them, rather than avoiding them.

Decide on how you will treat yourself when you do things right. Positive reinforcement can cause you to have a much more motivated way of life.

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