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Every single one of us is unique. And that means that all of us have unique needs, desires, and goals, when it comes to personal development.

Because of this, I understand that when you come to this site, you might be looking for advice on something different to the person who came here before you.

Overcoming laziness, beating procrastination, personal motivation, and time management – these concepts are all similar but different. On this page I’m going to help match what you’re looking for with the right content and resources on this site.

Take a look at the headings below – find the one that best fits your reason for coming to this site – and then click through to the linked resources:

I Want To Overcome Laziness & Stop Procrastinating

As the name of this website suggests, one of the primary focuses of my content is teaching eager readers how to banish laziness and procrastination to the dustbin of history. If you simply lack the desire to get things done (even though you know you need to) or you always find yourself putting off important tasks until a later date, then you need to get on top of this. There is no point in even beginning to look at improving your time management skills and productivity until you have conquered procrastination once and for all.

Here’s what you need to read:

I Want To Become More Productive

Improving personal productivity is a very “noble” and worthwhile aim. The more productive you are, the more time you are effectively able to squeeze out of a day. This leads to more usable time available for work, pleasure, or other activities.

If you want to improve your productivity, then read these articles:

I Want To Become More Motivated

If you lack motivation, then you’re going to find it hard to muster up the energy to get stuff done. When you find your motivation lacking, take a look at the resources below:

I Want To Manage My Time Better