I’m writing today to share a revelation that I have had – I have seen the light.

Whether Udemy continues its impressive rise (or, conversely, winds up being swamped by crappy products peddled by creators looking to make a quick dime) is yet to be seen. However, for the time being I think it is worth looking into.

There is still a place for traditional books . But I think that for convenience, value, and overall ‘usefulness’ at imparting knowledge, detailed video courses like are going to be the future of productivity and time management training. You get all the impact of an in-person seminar or coaching session, as well as the ability to revisit key concepts and lessons as you do with a book or eBook.

One day I would like to launch my own productivity training course on a site like Udemy. But until then, there are three courses in particular that I highly recommend (and I will be doing a detailed review of each in the near future). One is free, one is ‘mid range’ in terms of price, and one is a very high ticket course.

There are loads of other courses about time management, productivity, and procrastination. What’s especially cool is that there are some very “targeted” courses on topics such as improving your work rate and productivity as a Mac OSX user. Of course the biggest downside is that you could spend literally hours on this site doing digital window shopping, which is certainly not good for productivity.

In fact, just about any topic you could hope to learn probably has a course on Udemy. If you click on the banner below (or click here if you have Ad Block enabled) you’ll be able to see the full range of courses available on the site. Do some searches for ‘productivity’, ‘time management’, and ‘procrastination’ to see what’s on offer.

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