4 Tips To Beat Laziness

The first step on how to beat laziness is to stop identifying yourself with being a lazy person. We learn to think of ourselves as being lazy when we explain our behavior to others. The simplest way to say we didn’t do much for the day is to dismiss the drama by saying, “I’m just lazy.”

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Say it often enough and you will start telling that to yourself too. Eventually, your pesky pessimistic side will bubble up like a broken record, and you will believe that you really are a lazy person who is stuck with your own nature like a zebra is stuck with a pattern of stripes.

Here are some tips on how to beat down your inner pessimism so that you can move on and get into motion!

1. Focus on One Task at a Time

Your laziness may be a misguided form of anxiety. When you are active and fulfilling what needs to be done your confidence rises. If you have been more prone to be lazy, your confidence will depreciate. Remind yourself that you are more than capable of completing any size task.

Initially break down what you need to do into smaller steps, and then only focus on one the task at a time. Don’t think about all the other stuff you need to do next until you are finished with the task you are currently doing. Just keep moving along and you will eventually get there.

2. Forgive and Forget

Feeling guilty over past wasted time is going to do nothing but stall and quash your motivation in the present. Many people fall into lazy behavior because they are feeling bad about themselves. Let the guilt go if you need to get serious about ditching your old habits. When you free yourself from chronic and self-defeating thoughts you will become more optimistic driven to get things done.

3. Start a Buddy System

We are hardwired to feel a sense of motivational adrenaline when we work towards and report our goals with others. Back in the day of early man, our very survival depended on having a useful skill that contributed to the group.

A buddy that depends on your participation can help you brake a persistent cycle of defaulting to idle behavior because your choices will also affect them. If you don’t know anyone who shares your goals try looking online. Social networks are a popular way to hook up with others who can identify and relate similar challenges.

4. Appreciate Your Achievements as You Work

Once you get started on something you need to keep doing it. Churn off the television and don’t let your mind stray to other concerns or projects. Just keep focused on the task at hand and every once in a while reflect on where you were twenty minutes ago. Wherever you were was a time when you had less achieved.

When you continue to track your progress as you are fulfilling a task you will feel more positive and satisfied with what you are doing, which will inspire you to keep progressing.

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