7 Tips To Being Motivated To Study

We all get bored at some point, the dreary routine of life gets to us. It is not easy doing the same things day in, day out. As a student, there will be days like this. You will get to a point where nothing makes sense anymore. It will happen many times over the course of your studies, so you will need to brace yourself for it so that when it happens. Whenever you feel out of sorts, always think about the long term goals of why you are doing what you are doing now.

Focus on the benefits. Remember, you will not stay in college all your life. One way to increase your motivation and to stay focused is to realize that in 10 years, 20 years you are going to be somewhere. It is the steps you take today and on a daily basis that will determine where you will be in 10 or 20 years from now.


Following are 7 key tips on being motivated to study.


1. Think positively


Look at it this way; studying is not a jail term. You are not in college because you have to. You are there because that is how you have planned your life. You have been in school before, worked hard, passed examinations and now you are here. You have made it this far not because your parents or teachers pushed you, but because you genuinely believed you were good enough and perhaps more.

All these reflections will help you realize that reading is not a chore; it is part of your development, and everything you read is going to affect you in a positive way. Most students do not read and therefore fail examinations because they see reading as being unpleasant, a task they just want to be done and move along with it.


2. Take the small initiatives and get started


The hardest part of a job is the beginning. Take the baby steps in every assignment you have, because those little things matter. If you have a 1000-word assignment that you need to work on, begin work on it now.

One easy way to get started on a large assignment is to map out the the areas that you are going to cover and then break them up into paragraphs or chapters. You can then put a note in about what you want to enter in each area (e.g. enter background history here). This will make it a lot easier when you come back to your unfinished work after a break to pick up your original train of thought.

The saying goes “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, likewise a 5,000 word assignment begins with a single word. These first words will take you to the next and the next. In five minutes, you will find yourself with 100 words and moving and soon you will have 1,000 words. Once you get to this point, you realize just how simple it is to get something done. It all begins with taking that first step.

Follow the same strategy with books. If you have a research paper your lecturers want you to read, you would never realize how easy it is to do it until you pick up the booklet. It does not matter how daunting the task looks and feels at the beginning. It is the very first action that has a bearing on the outcome.


3. Do not allow things to pile up


The one reason why you tend to procrastinate is that you feel that there is too much to do and too little time in which to do it. Maybe you have been shirking responsibilities or skiving classes. While this is not a good point at which to seek motivation, it is pertinent for you to understand that nothing good will come from postponing activities.

You will need to learn to handle every activity within its stipulated time. If you have a term paper to write, be careful with looming deadlines, because you might end up piling assignments that will take the wind out of your sails.

Try to get started early and stay in front of the curve, schedule time for your study and assignments but also make sure you take appropriate breaks so you can stay refreshed and don’t begin feel overwhelmed. make sure you have some fun!

Study, learn something about everything

Learn something about everything


4. Remind yourself that it will come to an end


You are not a slave to the education system. You are there because of a reason. There is a purpose to fulfill. All those examinations have an ending. All the hours of relentless hard work will pay off eventually.

When you joined college, you knew that it would just be a matter of time before you moved on to new things. Soon, you will be out there, thinking back on just how well you managed to make something of yourself. Do not throw in the towel now because that will be akin to depriving yourself of the things you worked for all your life.


5. Avoid negative influences


Friends are great. We go out with them, we tell them our private stories and we generally have a great time together. However, if the reason you procrastinate is that you are with your friends all the time, then maybe it is time you took a step back and thought about what kind of friends you have.

You might realize that there are friendships you need to end because they are holding you back. You need to focus, and that will not happen when the people that are distractions around you.


6. Focus on your goals


Accomplish more with written goals

Your life goals

You are not just lumbering along in life without any fixed goal. You have a ton of goals you want to achieve.

You are thinking of a great job, a convertible, a beachfront home and a great family. You are not going to be able to achieve these things if you do not stay focused on your goals. There are places you always wanted to go.

Think of college as your ticket there. If you lack a ticket and you are standing at the airport, you will miss the flight.

However, you do not need to put yourself under undue pressure, because it will worsen things.


7. Identify the perfect spot to study


Many times, you find that you procrastinate things and feel lazy all the time because the conditions for studying are not right. If you study in a place full of noise and fun, you will fall into this kind of routine.

Trying to study on your bed with the television on or there is loud music playing in the next room, then this environment will impact your ability to study effectively. Find a quiet place where you have nothing distracting you. Put on some music that you enjoy (quietly).

If you have like-minded friends, meet up and study together. Have open discussions on how you are progressing and try and boost each other to achieve more.


Stay motivated!

It is human to feel lazy, tired and disinterested. The good news here is that it is never a permanent habit, but it becomes one when you want it to be.

Do not give laziness and procrastination a permanent position in your life because it will impact negatively on your goals and hurt the very things you need to prosper in. Always keep your thoughts in perspective and interact with like-minded friends.

Keep motivated and stay focused on your goals, this is what will keep you going in the dark times as exams begin to approach or you face a backlog with you work.