7 Steps To A Better Life

Today’s post is all about experiencing a better life for yourself. These following steps are designed to get you on you way to the life you desire:

Increase Motivation

Your level of motivation is at the heart of all your actions and by extension how fulfilling your life is. Your success or failure depends on the amount of motivation you have towards attaining your goal. Sometimes we do not achieve our desired goal on our first attempt, rarely does anyone get it right first time, every time. When we have not achieved our desired goal, if our motivation is strong enough we will get back up and have another crack at it.

Whilst a lot of things that we do to try and increase our level of motivation tend to be transitory, that is the effects tend to wear off quickly. What we want to achieve are long lasting effects that can have a long term benefit for ourselves. The first step to having long-lasting effects is to understand what is it that actually motivates you. We are all different and therefore have different drivers for what gives us the motivation we need. What motivates one person will have no effect on another unless they have the same driving forces or desires.

Once you have identified what it is that motivates you, then by practicing these things and reinforcing them this will give you the ability to live a high quality, rewarding and healthy life.Using this motivation you will be then able to achieve more.

If you are not able to identify what it is that motivates you, following are some of the best ways that I have discovered on how to get motivated to achieve more.

So how can you increase your motivation and therefore be able to achieve more? Start your journey today. These 7 simple steps work for the majority of people.

Be Happy

The first step to getting motivated is by being happy. Your level of happiness is a prime driver for most people that governs their ability to be motivated. Now I know this may upset some people but your level of happiness is a choice you make. If you don’t believe me try this little exercise. Stand up straight, and look up towards the ceiling, now put a big grin on your face. I mean a big grin, one where your mouth is open (like a child about to get a present), now whilst doing these things try and feel depressed. Its not possible to do, not if you have done the previous steps as laid out anyway.

Now whilst some people may do things that have an impact on you and possibly on your level of happiness you have the ability to choose on how you react. If you let it affect how you feel then they have taken some control over you, well actually you have given them some control. Both happiness and control are causal, which means that if you happen to take someone’s control he/she will be less happy. Logically it would mean that giving yourself some control, the resultant would be increased happiness and you will be more motivated to gaining something.

This is the reason why there are many control freaks and still the reason as to why there are many video control games in the world.

I use the things that make me happy as a means of motivation if I want to be achieve something and will reward myself on the attainment or completion of the desired goal. Use the activities that make you happy to motivate you to attaining your goal. Remember to reward yourself and always celebrate your wins no matter how small. These things all increase your self belief and level of happiness.


I choose what I become

I am what I choose to become

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Be more energetic

Most people in the world underestimate the level of energy that they actually have. Unfortunately, they only discover that they have a considerable amount of energy when they have achieved something that they hadn’t thought possible. One factor that has a dramatic effect on the level of energy you have is your diet. A diet that is high in fresh fruits and vegetables will give you a higher energy level than one high in fatty, fast foods even though the number of calories you intake may be less. This is primarily due to the fact that you are also getting essential vitamins and minerals that are not readily available in fast foods.

If you are in tune with your body, you will understand that your body will always need energy and if you ignore that need, your body will have to inform you. In short, you need to listen to what your body is trying to communicate to you. This feeling of a lack of energy is more a perceived lack of energy than an actual lack of energy.

Being more energetic makes you feel like you have more energy available as it increases your metabolism. The best time to exercise is in the morning as it has the greatest effect on increasing your metabolic rate for the day ahead. Additionally ensure that you drink plenty of fresh water rather reach for a soda (diet or not).

Also drink some water before taking some pills to cure a headache. After taking the water, you should at least wait for fifteen minutes to see whether the headache will cease.

Moderate your caffeine intake because it’s not an assistant to gaining energy. It will lessen the effect of feeling tired but it is also a diuretic and drains the body of fluids. You can consider replacing the caffeine you take with vitamin B6 and B12. Vitamin B is convenient, cheaper and also healthier.

Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex I recommend Garden of Life vitamin B as it is made from organically grown fruit and vegetables, whilst there are cheaper vitamins available these are also vegan, gluten and dairy free.

It is important to maintain your energy levels as it is extremely hard to stay motivated without enough energy. Always try to maintain a consistent sleep pattern, this involves going to bed at your usual time that ensures you get enough sleep and of high quality. To ensure you have the best sleep possible, make sure that your bedroom is completely dark and definitely try to sleep at night. In addition, ensure that there are no sounds that can keep you awake during the night. Research shows that you can get the best quality sleep if your bedroom is maintained around 20 degrees Celsius. Try to ensure that you sleep for at least eight hours every night.

Increase Your Efficiency

Being efficient is extremely important. Without efficiency you will find it hard to be motivated toward achieving your goal. Your efficiency is to a certain extent a window on the amount of confidence you have in your personal abilities. Without this inner confidence, it is easy to find yourself becoming paralyzed and unable to get started. This will significantly impact your motivation levels.

Consider completing a course in productivity if the is an area of weakness for you.  To increase your time management and efficiency, I recommend Find Your Focus as a starting point  Get Find Your Focus Here. If you would like to read more on Find Your Focus read my in-depth review.

Alternatively you could try Procrastination Pro a Clickbank product the promotes a method to beat procrastination in 21 days.

Being skilled at a task increases your level of efficiency and you are able to complete it more quickly. If you are good in something, be proud of it and work to your strengths. If you find that you have difficulty doing something, you should always remember that practice will enable you to improve your skills. Always compete and additional training that your undertake.

To discover new skills which will increase your efficiency, you must keep training. For example, taking your time to learn how to touch type is a skill that repays you in multiples of the initial time invested. This is one of the best returns on your investment if your job entails a degree of typing, it is particularly important for students as well as it speeds up your ability to complete assignments on time. Successfully completing a course also builds on your self-confidence and your self-belief.

Create A Support Network

Your support system is the foundation from which your strength and power comes from. Those people with the best support systems always do well, so continue to build on your support system.

Support can either be internal or external. The internal support; your inner strength, your self belief and confidence are all components of this structure, and this then feeds your potential. Work to your strengths and continue to improve and work on any areas of weakness.

External support is the places, people or even things that nurture your potential. Having them around you is important as they will keep you motivated. Good friends are a form of external support. As a form of motivation, always keep yourself in good company. A good friend should always try to boost you up and assist you when they can. Your family can also be a significant part of your support structure.

Feel Fulfilled

One crucial way of staying motivated is by always feeling fulfilled. Take time for reflective thinking and review your progress. Knowing that you are attaining your goals will push you forward more than any other motivation variable.

Always take your time to sit back and observe all that you have achieved. Seeing how far you are ahead will give a sense of purpose. Moreover, you should never feel embarrassed in taking credit of what you have achieved. All you need to know is that it is a result of your handwork that you have attained your goal.

Getting praise from other people will strengthen you to achieving greater goals, a good support network will recognize when you have succeeded in your goal.

9 steps to motivation

Be Happy And Enjoy Life

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Regular Exercise

A lot of research conducted has proved that exercise has many benefits, which include boosting your mood. If you fail to engage in daily exercise, not only will your fitness suffer but your other goals will suffer as well. Some of the best exercise includes running, swimming, high workout classes, jogging and walking. Start small, stay on track and don’t overdo it.

Have Fun

Finally and the most crucial of all is to make sure that you have some fun. Plan some activities that you find rewarding, and enjoy them regularly. Ensure that you also use them as rewards to celebrate your wins no matter how small.

Employ these simple steps and I am sure that you will enjoy a better life. Good luck!

Remember, Start small, Stay focused and Grow strong.

Until next time