Today we are going to answer the eternal question “how can you stop being lazy?” – I’m going to share 7 top strategies for overcoming laziness so you too can see just how easy it is to take control of your life and get amazing stuff done.

Let’s get straight into the list:

  • Set a challenging goal that is also achievable
    Having goals will help give you a target to work towards.
  • Get more sleep
    Insufficient sleep will result in a foggy, dazed, and tired brain that inhibits your ability to take action. When you are in a sleep deprived state, you are far more likely to feel lazy
  • Feed your brain
    I suggest trying supplements that increase motivation and focus (they can really help!)
  • Give yourself regular breaks
    When you first start out trying to stop being lazy, you will probably set unrealistic expectations, such as “I can work for the next 2 hours straight on this report.” That just won’t happen until you have developed the self-control skills needed to enable you to work uninterrupted for long periods of time.  Instead, by giving yourself breaks at regular intervals you will find it much easier to get work done; see each break as a “mini goal” with which you can reward yourself.
  • Eliminate distractions
    Nothing sucks away at your success more than distractions (especially digital ones). If you find your work being interrupted constantly by distractions such as social media, text messages, or annoying co-workers, then you need to take action to shut them out. I’ve got some great advice for this in my 40 ways to stop procrastinating blog post.
  • Quit fearing failure
    In my experience one of the biggest contributing factors to a person’s laziness is the fear of failure. It is a very human thing to fear failure and its consequences, and this fear is often leveraged subliminally by your brain to prevent you from taking action (in case you were to fail and suffer the consequences for it!). Remember that there are very few mistakes in life that cannot be fixed – quite fearing failure and take action instead.
  • Take action
    How can you stop being lazy? By getting off your butt and doing something! The best cure for laziness is to take action and start getting $hit done. In fact, it is the only cure. Everything else is just supporting advice – the real secret to beating laziness is to take action.