Are you feeling sluggish and unable to motivate yourself to do simple tasks? We often find ourselves experiencing these ‘off’ days, but if it is becoming a regularly occurrence and you’re finding yourself struggling more than usual then you may want to try a few ways to combat your low mood.

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Am I Lazy or Depressed?

You may be wondering if your sluggish mood is due to laziness or maybe depression. Ask yourself a few of the following questions to help understand;

1. Are you sleeping for longer?
2. Are you feeling tired a lot during the day?
3. Is the housework getting on top of you?
4. Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself to get a job or go to work?
5. Are you feeling unhappy?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then there is a high chance that you are feeling depressed. The main thing to consider is whether you are feeling happy with yourself or your life. If you’re happy but simply can’t get motivated then you may just need some motivation to get you out of this lazy frame of mind. But often laziness can occur due to feeling a bit down in the dumps anyway. The trick is to prevent yourself from getting into a bad habit.

However, if you’re feeling constantly low and miserable and experience thoughts of depression then your sluggish mood is highly likely to be a response from your depression. If a recent event has caused you to feel depressed, then do not worry because it is normal for our bodies to respond in this way.

So whether you are having an off day and feeling sluggish and unmotivated or you are depressed and in need of a little help, follow these simple tips and you will be feeling positive self in no time.

1. Before you go to bed, try and avoid anything stimulating (caffeine, computer, TV) and let yourself relax
2. Go to bed at a reasonable time and set your alarm to help get your body in the habit of getting up earlier.
3. Make sure you have a good breakfast and get some fresh air as soon as you can.
4. Think positively about your day and set yourself a goal. Whether it is tidying the house or flat, clearing the garden, applying for a job. Be realistic about your goals, and aim to tick them all off throughout the day.
5. Take regular breaks if you are at home for most of the day, perhaps go for a walk or sit out in the garden.
6. Stick to a plan or routine for simple tasks like housework.
7. Eat meals at set times and try and avoid snacking.
8. Consider trying something new; hobby or maybe exercise.

Following these steps can help you to get into the right frame of mind to make you feel much more motivated. Walks in the fresh air help to waken your body and mind and prepare you for the day. Sticking to a routine will eventually become second nature.

So stop asking yourself, “am I lazy or depressed?” Be proud of your achievements! Whether it’s a small goal like tidying the house, or a bigger one like getting a job, you did it! Allow yourself time to reflect on your day, and also feel good about what you achieved.

You will soon be feeling motivated and itching to get things done! This will help with feelings of depression and get you rearing to become productive and effective in your life.

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