How To Be Motivated To Achieve More


Motivation is the heart of all actions. Your failure or success depends on the amount of motivation you get and more importantly maintain. The first step to achieving long-lasting effects is to understand the facts surrounding motivation. Then by practicing the things that motivate you, it will be easier to live the quality of life that you wish to achieve. Obviously by reading this blog you have already noticed that maybe you aren’t getting the results you desired.

The following are six tips on how to increase your level of motivation and thereby you will find you are able to achieve more.

• Be happy, focus on the positive

The first step to getting motivated is by being happy. Being happy will include understanding your state of happiness. However, happiness as other concepts is a smooth concept. Both happiness and control are causal, which means that if you happen to take someone’s control he/she will be less happy. Logically it would mean that giving yourself some control, the resultant would be increased happiness and you will be more motivated to gaining something. This is the reason why there are many control freaks and still the reason as to why there are many video control games in the world. Some control activities that you can engage in include playing chess, primarily hiking while alone, writing, reading and playing some video games. All the activities will make you happy and motivate you to attaining your goal.

• Be more energetic

Most people in the world will always underestimate the level of energy in their bodies. Unfortunately, they only remember that they have a considerable amount of energy when they have pulled that all-nighter. This can not be a lack of motivation. It is more a lack of perceived energy. One factor that affects ones level of energy is the kind of diet. You have to understand that your body will always need energy and if you ignore that need, the body will have to inform you. In short, you will always have to understand what your body is trying to communicate to you.

Also drink some water before taking some pills to cure a headache. After taking the water, you should at least wait for fifteen minutes to see whether the headache will seize. Watch out caffeine because it’s not an assistant to gaining energy. It will lessen the effect of feeling tired. You can consider replacing the caffeine you take with vitamin B6 and B12. Vitamin B is convenient, cheaper and also healthier.

If you need energy, you will have to really seek it as it is extremely hard to stay motivated without enough energy. Always sleep at the right time and ensure that you get enough sleep and of high quality. To easily achieve this you have to ensure that your bedroom is completely dark and mostly at night. In addition, ensure that there are no sounds that can keep you awake during the night. Research shows that you can get enough and quality sleeps if your bedroom is cold at night. Always try to regulate your bedroom temperatures to around 18 degrees Celsius. This will ensure that you sleep for at least nine hours every night.


Motivation, keep moving forward

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• Increase your efficiency

Being efficient is extremely important. Without efficiency you will lose motivation toward achieving something. Efficiency is the amount of confidence you have in your personal abilities. Without confidence, you can easily get into immobility.

To increase your efficiency you may need to look at increasing your skill levels in the task at hand. If you are good in something, never feel ashamed of doing it. And if you are average in doing something, you should always remember that practice will help you perfect your skills. Always compete. You can draw so much efficiency from reference. To get a high self value, then you must draw it from another person. Always consider a good friend as your friendly rival. Competition is powerful.

To discover new skills which will increase your efficiency, you must keep training. For example, taking your time to practice on how to use your both hands in typing is a good way of attaining a skill or learning how to type correctly. Furthermore, it is an achievable goal worth your time.

• Get the support that you require

The foundation of your personality and values is the level of your support. Support can either be internal or external. The internal support is all the small realizations that will feed your potential. You will have to change all your flaws into something more admirable and productive. You can convert your arrogance into efficiency or immobility into patience. Since decisions are everything, make sure that you appreciate and give a lot of attention to them.

External support is the places, people or even things that nurture your potential. Having them is important as they will keep you motivated. However, they will always vary. Good friends are a form of external support. As a form of motivation, always keep yourself in good company. A good friend should not pull you behind. For example if you are climbing a ladder but your friend always keeps knocking you down when you are almost at the top, do yourself a favor next time you climb the ladder. When he goes to knock you down, grab him and throw him instead. With that he will be completely out of your life. Furthermore, having good relatives is important in motivation. However, you will never choose your family. But if they are limiting your success, you will have to find ways on how to reduce this.

• Feel fulfilled

One crucial way of staying motivated is by always feeling fulfilled. Knowing that you are attaining your goals will push you forward more than any other motivation variable. Always take your time to sit back and observe all that you have achieved. Seeing how far you are ahead will give a sense of purpose. Moreover, you should never feel embarrassed in taking credit of what you have achieved. All you should know is that it is a result of your handiwork that you have attained your goal. Getting praises from other people will strengthen you to achieving greater goals.

Look for things to be grateful for on a daily basis, this will make you feel more uplifted and therefore have more drive and energy to complete your tasks.

• Workout, Exercise

A lot of research conducted has proved that exercise has many benefits, which include boosting your mood. If you fail to engage in daily body exercise, not only that your fitness will suffer but all your other goals will suffer as well. Some of the best exercise includes to engage yourself in include running, and high workout music, walking and jogging. It is best to start the day with your workout, this will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the challenges the day presents.