The Best Nootropic for Memory – Nootrogen, Food for your Brain

Studying in college or university puts a great deal of strain on your mental faculties and memory. Most students dream about being a genius and being able to ace all their Math and Science exams every time without breaking a sweat. College life would be such a blast if you could learn the most complex ideas and concepts in the universe without blinking an eye.
Unfortunately, not everyone has the cognitive capacity to be a genius. No amount of hard work or perseverance is going to help you memorize every theory and mathematical equation in the world unless your cognitive function is highly enhanced. Fortunately for college students out there, there are supplements to help you boost your brain and memory power so you can study and still enjoy game night with your buddies or have an occasional party or two.

What Your Brain is Capable of Doing

Your brain function is largely determined by your cognitive development. Your ability to perceive, learn, and analyze ideas, objects, concepts and theories is built up during the various stages of cognitive development. In the 21st century, the advent of Nootropics supplement further enhanced how the brain function is optimized during cognitive development. There are numerous brands of Nootropics in the market, making it quite a challenge to choose the best nootropic for memory enhancement.
Your brain develops in 4 stages according to psychologist Jean Piaget. He describes cognitive development as the process wherein changes in mental and intellectual abilities happen from childhood to adulthood. In these developmental stages, a person’s thinking, understanding, reasoning, decision making, and problem solving skills are improved:
• The Sensorimotor Stage occurs from birth through ages 18-24 months. During this stage, physical mobility, mental (memory development), and verbal skills (language development) are developed.
• The Preoperational Stage starts from toddler-hood (18-24 months) through early childhood (age 7). In this stage, the infant’s language becomes more mature and learns to associate things with symbols. It is at this stage that the child develops his imagination.
• The Concrete Operational Stage happens from ages 7 to 12. This is the stage when a child learns to think logically instead of intuitively.
• The Formal Operational Stage spans adolescence through adulthood. This is the last stage of cognitive development where a person learns abstract and more complex things.

Improving Your Cognitive Function

You can train your brain to form habits that could improve your cognitive function. Try these simple tips:
• Exercise and perform physical activities to improve your mobility so you can be exposed to new experiences and interactions.
• Be open to learning new experiences. Learning new things will give your brain some “muscle.”
• Never stop being curious. Curiosity is a never-ending cycle of learning. Curiosity develops your creativity.
• Socialize with others. Interactions are opportunities to exercise your brain.
• Meditate to clear your mind and to open it up to new information and learnings.
• Play brain-training games. Try games that will make you think logically and not just intuitively.
• Give yourself enough time to rest and sleep. Your brain gets tired too and sleep is the best form of rest for your brain.
• Do not allow stress to rule you. Instead of buckling down and getting beat because of stress, focus on solving the problem at hand so you can move on.
These habits are natural means of improving the cognitive function. However, a lot of entrepreneurs, IT developers, scientists, students and other professionals today are starting to turn to using Nootropics supplements to give their cognitive function a boost. Students are among those who are taking interest in the best Nootropics for studying.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are supplements, drugs, or substances that are formulated specifically to help in cognitive function enhancement. These supplements target executive functions, creative thinking, memory, and motivation in individuals who are healthy. As such, these supplements are also referred to as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers.

Nootropics have the ability to do the following:
• Improve learning and memory
• Have minimal side effects and toxicity
• Improve neuron recruitment by the cerebellum
• Protect the brain from chemical and physical injuries
• Prevent hypoxia and electroconvulsive shock

Pros  and Cons of Using Nootropics

• Nootropics contain many natural ingredients so there is no need to worry about the excessive use of synthetic ingredients.
• Generally, following the recommended dosages and correct scheduling, Nootropics rarely cause any negative side effects.
• Nootropic supplements can help improve your brain function and your memory retention.
• The best Nootropic supplements can give you that extra boost you need to excel either academically or professionally.

• Taking an excessive amount of Nootropics can have harmful side effects.
• Supplements are not meant as a substitute for eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly as a way to improve cognitive function.
• The use of Nootropics may require a prescription.

How Safe and Effective are Nootropics?

Researchers and medical professionals are still debating over the safety and effectiveness of Nootropics. There have been a number of arguments on whether the use of Nootropics can enhance or impair your brain function. A few of those arguments include:
• It instills a false confidence among users. This argument is backed by a study conducted on a group of students who were conditioned to believe that they were given a Nootropic drug. The students did well regardless of whether they took the drug or not. Conversely, a group of students who were made to believe that they were not given Nootropics exhibited a decline in performance with or without the drug.
• Like other drugs, Nootropic enhancers can be addictive. Consumers should remember that buying brain enhancers is not legal unless you have a prescription.
• Nootropics can have adverse effects if you are taking alcohol and antidepressants. Furthermore, these supplements can cause insomnia and could impair your natural creativity.
• You can obtain these drugs illegally when you buy Nootropics online, but there is still the question of whether they are safe or not.

Nootropics are safe to use if you are taking the right product under the supervision of a medical professional. Despite the negative arguments, there are a good number user who can attest to the effectiveness of using Nootropics, especially if you are using supplements that are natural.

Going natural is still the best alternative. Check out natural Nootropics and not those that require a prescription. Remember that anything with prescription is a drug and drugs can be harmful to your body.

Making Your Choice

If you want to improve your cognitive function using Nootropics, the best choice for you is one that contains natural ingredients and vitamins, like Nootrogen. Unlike other smart drugs in the market (Modafinil, Ritalin, and Provigil), Nootrogen is the first Nootropic that requires not prescription.
Notably, a natural compound called dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE is the main ingredient of Nootrogen. This compound has been found in a study to cause remarkable effects on the human brain.

Nootrogen is a health brain-enhancing supplement that speeds up your brain process and improves your concentration. It helps boost cognitive function by increasing the amount of energy in your brain, making it the best nootropic for memory enhancement.
Nootrogen contains clinically tested, 100% natural ingredients that make it safe for use for students and professionals alike. It also contains vitamins and botanical extract that can enhance your metabolic function.

These ingredients include:
• Dimethylaminoethanol (main ingredient) is naturally found in seafood like anchovies and salmon. The clinical study indicates that it helps increase memory function as well as reaction speed and boost levels of neurons.
Acetylcholine affects the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. It also works as a neurotransmitter for your brain tissue. You can get this from rich dietary food sources like egg yolks, fatty cheese, and avocado. This ingredient helps enhance your creativity and improve your concentration.
• Glutamic Acid is naturally available in your body. You can get this by eating foods rich in protein like meat, poultry products, and protein-rich plants like beans, peas, spinach, broccoli, kale, mushrooms or artichokes. This ingredient promotes clarity of thought, improves fast learning, and is believed to increase the activity of acetylcholine.
Magnesium is the key component in the activation of the nerve channels. This ingredient is essential in the learning and memory process.
Vitamin B-3 (Niacin) is a B complex vitamin and is known to decrease poor brain function or loss of thinking skills due to old age. The Vitamin B group also includes vitamins that help in the repair of DNA.
Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6 help in reducing body fatigue and promoting healthy brain development
Bacopa Extract was shown in studies to enhance cognitive functions in the neural pathway in transmitting nerve impulses.
Some of the best features of Nootrogen include:
• It is made of 100% natural ingredients so it has no side effects
• It is clinically tested making it reliable and safe to use
• It helps increase memory functions and overall body health
• It boost your concentration and focus
• It helps give thought clarity
• You do not need a medical prescription to buy Nootrogen

Nootrogen does not require a specific diet, but like other supplements, it should still be taken with healthy food and proper exercise. This is the perfect Nootropic formula for enhancing your focus, improving your cognitive activity, and improving your overall body health and mobility.
Nootrogen is the best nootropic for memory enhancement as it gives your brain all the ingredients needed to improve mental function. Student testimonials have shown Nootrogen to be the best Nootropics for studying.

You can buy Nootropics online that are safe and effective by visiting the Nootrogen website now.