One of the biggest trends in the beverage industry over the past decade has been the rampant increase in the popularity of so-called “energy drinks”. You’re probably aware of a number of different brands, including Red Bull and Monster Energy. Corporate sponsorship of sporting events (usually extreme ones) is rampant among energy drink companies, and they have become the drink of choice for many of those looking for a quick pick-me-up and energy boost.

But can energy drinks help you to beat laziness? By reaching for a cold can every time you feel a bit sluggish, are you going to become more or less motivated to get things done?

To cut a long story short, it is unlikely that energy drinks can help you beat laziness. They might work at giving you a temporary burst of energy and alertness, but almost always cause a “crash” afterwards as a result of hormone surges due to insulin spiking (your body has to do something with all that sugar that enters its system!). Furthermore, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests energy drinks could even have adverse medical effects; the number of emergency room visits related to energy drinks is growing annually.

Furthermore, I am opposed to energy drinks for the following additional reasons:

  • They are expensive – if you drink one energy drink, which costs you $3, per day for a year that is around $1000 you have wasted.
  • All that sugar is bad for your teeth, and can lead to weight gain
  • Excessive caffeine consumption can make you irritable and cranky

Don’t rely on energy drinks to help you overcome laziness. Taking any form of stimulant to patch over feelings of laziness is just a band aid solution. Instead, you should be trying to remove the underlying causes of laziness and procrastination from your life.