It’s the start of a new year, and you know what that means – New Year’s resolutions abound. From losing weight to saving money, people all over the world are dreaming big and hoping for success.

But what if your resolution is to take more action and beat procrastination? Is this actually a possible goal?

I believe it is.

However, overcoming procrastination is a rather different process to losing weight or saving money. That’s because resolutions/goals like these have very “obvious” steps to take for success. For example, if you want to save more money in 2015, then you can write out a list of steps you are going to take such as:

* Spending less on takeaway food, coffees etc

* Paying yourself savings and investment money first (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad”)

* Taking up a side job for added income

Conversely, when it comes to stopping procrastination dead in its tracks, it really boils down to one thing:

* Do stuff without putting it off

Sometimes it is the simple things that make a big difference

There are different ways, means, and methods you can deploy to assist in overcoming procrastination. For example, deploying a tactic such as “time boxing” might help you stay focused more easily on a task rather than putting it off. But this doesn’t avoid the fact that you’re either taking action or not. All the time boxing in the world won’t help if you can’t actually be motivated enough to do whatever it is you need to do.

Try breaking a large task down into smaller chunks that way it doesn’t look too big to handle. This also allows you to experience some small wins on the way to your bigger goals, and this then keeps you motivated. If you focus solely on the big task you can easily become disheartened and give up even though you have already made significant progress.

However, with a more conventional goal like saving money, you can taste success with small changes.

If you’re getting things done then you’re not procrastinating.

If you’re failing to take action, then you are procrastinating (you will have probably called it something else) to rationalize your lack of progress. This is where we need to get into gear and get moving.

You may find some of the other material on this site helpful.

Start by taking a look at my guide that teaches 40 different ways to stop procrastinating (if you can make it to the end without stopping … then you have already succeeded). I also suggest that you take a look at my supplement reviews, which will help you find products I have tested myself that enhance your ability to feel energetic and focus to take more action.