One of the most common questions I get via email (and I really can’t understand why seeing as this blog deals primarily with motivational/time management issues) relates to meditation. I guess people want to use meditation to help them do more in their lives…

… So in this article we are going to answer the question “can you meditate with music?” In particular, I’m also going to cover whether you can use music-based meditation techniques to help beat laziness and procrastination.

Meditation With Music: The Basics

The fundamentals of meditation with music are fairly sound; it’s basically no different to any other form of meditation (which, as you should know by know, has good basis in fact) except you’re adding music.

Basically, you need to embark on your normal meditation program but add in music as appropriate. That’s all there really is to it! I personally find that meditating to music seems to have a somewhat greater effect, although this could just be a placebo.

Some people do believe that meditating to music can cause distraction. In my opinion this is probably due to the type of music being used. Of course you can’t meditate to the soothing sounds of 180bpm electro-house music. No, to meditate with music requires the right sounds!

Here are some great tracks I found on YouTube that would be well-suited to general meditation.

Sometimes I like to meditate to this cool tune as well (you might recognize it from Oliver Stone’s “Platoon” which featured Charlie Sheen before he went nutty.

I would suggest that you avoid trying to incorporate music into your meditation routine if you rely on a form of meditation that needs intent focus on your breathing. With a rousing chorus of music blaring it’s going to be difficult to actually listen to your breathing patterns.

Meditation Techniques for Procrastination

So we have established that you can use music to meditate. But is it possible to use meditation techniques to stop procrastination and laziness? Of course it’s possible!

What you need to do is find your focus and visualize a new you, free from procrastination. Do this while you are meditating and you will reap some fantastic results. The more intense and focused your visualizations are during the meditative process, the faster you will find yourself seeing results.

Using Subliminal Audios for Meditation

One other thing you should consider to aid you meditation is employing the use of subliminal audios (aka subliminal mp3s). I have personally experienced a great deal of success in my meditations by swapping from “normal” music to subliminal tracks.

The benefit of using subliminal audio for meditation is that you don’t have to worry about the distraction effects that accompany the use of normal music. Furthermore, you can continue to listen to your subliminal mp3s throughout the day, which will in turn will enhance the effects even further.