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How I Can Help

I’m happy to help with:

  • Giving personalized time management/motivation advice
  • Taking complaints or queries about this blog
  • Reviewing products and eBooks
  • Article suggestions

A Word On ‘Guest Posting’

I get a lot of people contacting me, asking to submit guest posts to my blog.

Seeing as I guest post myself, it’s only fair that I return the favour.

Here’s what you need to know about guest posting on Why Am I Lazy?:

  • You can write/guest post about motivation, time management, procrastination, goal-setting, and general personal development.
  • Your submission must be 100% unique.
  • Minimum word count is 800 words; 1500-2500 is preferred. Anything over 1500 can be published as a series of shorter articles.
  • No profanity/obscene content.
  • No “outsourced-for-$5” generic articles.
  • I reserve the right to accept/refuse any submission; I will ALWAYS provide reasons for or against, in order to help you in the future.
  • Preferred article types: Personal experience/list-based “how to” articles
  • I’ll expect

What’s in it for you?

I’m aware that standard practice for guest posting is that you hold off on any self-promotion until the “bio box” at the bottom of the article.

I like to do things a little differently … so here’s what you get when you are published on my blog:

  • You can include one self-serving link within the body of your article (i.e. not in the bio box). This is much better for SEO purposes, and I believe is a suitable reward for writing something of the caliber expected.
  • Your bio box can include a maximum of two links (if you are using two links, one must be a social media account).
  • You may link to your own blog/website.
  • You may not include any affiliate link.
  • If you’ve written a Kindle eBook on a related topic, you can link to this instead of your social media link. However, I will be very cheeky here and use my Amazon Associates link; so only include a Kindle link if you’re happy with such an arrangement.
  • I will check all outgoing links – anything I deem to be “low quality” (and this is entirely my opinion, based on what I think suits my audience’s tastes and needs) will be denied … most likely along with your guest post.
  • I will share your guest post with the Why Am I Lazy? Facebook page, and send an email newsletter.

How To Submit

If you’re confident you can submit a guest post that meets my exacting criteria, then follow these instructions:

  1. Look around this blog to see the kinds of articles that interest my audience.
  2. Write your blog post (800 words minimum). Include a 2-3 line bio box at the end, and any links you want included. Remember, 1x link in the post content, and 2 links max in the bio box (and if you want 2 links, one must be to social media or a Kindle eBook you have published)
  3. Send to me in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages format – james [dot] whyamilazy [@] gmail [dot] com – and yes, that’s my idea of an intelligence test.
  4. I’ll acknowledge your submission within 48 hours.
  5. I’ll take up to another 48 hours to read it offer and let you know my verdict; hang tight.
  6. If everything checks out I will publish your post.
  7. If there’s a problem with your submission, I’ll come back to you ASAP.

Hurdles to watch out for

If you’re going to submit a guest post to my site, here are the main “hurdles” others have encountered:

  • Submitting generic/weak/non-useful content. I will not accept any “filler” content whatsoever.
  • Submitting non-unique articles. Just a heads-up; I know how to check for duplicate content.
  • Including links to spam/affiliate websites. Achtung! Do this and there is no way I will accept your post, even if you remove the link. I pride myself on linking only to quality websites.