10 Easy Steps To Deal With Procrastination

Let’s face it … procrastination sucks. It has to be one of the worst feelings in the world when you desperately want to take action, but can’t seem to force yourself to do so.

So what is one to do in order to fix this problem?

What you need to do is learn how to deal with procrastination effectively!

In this article you are going to learn 10 quick and easy steps you should follow to deal with procrastination and banish it forever from your life. By the end of his article you will be armed with a powerful toolkit that will help you to take action in your life and free yourself from the shackles of procrastination!

The 10 steps you need to take to deal with procrastination:

1. Identify the main wasters of your time.

Perhaps you’re spending hours every day on Minecraft, or wasting your life scrolling through your Twitter feed.

Whatever it is that saps at your productive time (and it could be multiple things) you need to write down. As part of this process you need to give a best estimate as to how much time you are losing every day in the act of procrastination. It will be rather harrowing to see the amount of time you are letting tick away in the course of your daily activities!

2. Identify what you need to do in order to be productive.

So you now know where you are wasting most of your time … but what do you need to do in order to be productive/efficient/successful? Do you need to start on your assignments, complete reports for work, or something else? Write down a list of everything you want and need to complete.

I recommend writing this list down on paper (rather than on your computer, smartphone etc).

3. Rank your new task list in order of importance.

Some things you have to do in life are of a high priority; like that term paper due tomorrow which you haven’t yet started. Other things can wait. You need to work out this order of importance for yourself, as it’s fairly difficult for anyone else to tell you what is important and what isn’t.

4. Break down your tasks into their smallest possible portions (aiming for around 15 minutes per portion).

Let’s roll with the example I gave about having a term paper to write. You could break this one task down into smaller chunks. For example, you might take 15 minutes to come up with a great title. Another 45 minutes to do your research – that’s 3x 15 minute blocks.

Breaking your tasks down into these smaller components will become more logical when you read the next couple of steps.

5. Plug these 15 minute time blocks – ordered by importance – into your daily wasted time.

This should be fairly self-explanatory … basically, if you spend an average of two hours a day procrastinating, then you should be able to fit 8 blocks of 15 minutes intensive activity into your day.

6. Give yourself a small reward at the end of each 15 minute block.

Right from the outset you need to escape from the notion that you are going to be able to work for hours on end without stopping.

If you have always struggled with procrastination, then you are going to find it a big ask to jump straight into doing lots of work with unbroken concentration. That’s why I recommend you give yourself a few minutes at the end of each 15 minute block to do things like check your email, go on Facebook etc. However, limit this time to 5 minutes.

7. Eliminate distractions.

Now you’re prepped to take action … but you suddenly find yourself getting distracted by 20 different tabs on your browser, and your phone blowing up. That’s why you need to eliminate distractions from your workspace. Read this blog post of mine to learn more about how to do this to help you avoid procrastination.

8. Take action.

This might sound a bit obvious (and I guess it probably is) but if you actually want to get anything done, then you need to get off your ass and take action. Nobody else can make you take action; you need to do it for yourself. The best cure to laziness and procrastination is to just do something! So take the first item on your list, and start working on it now!!

9. Use a timer.

One of the best bits of advice I can give you when you are learning how to avoid procrastination is to use a timer to measure those important 15 minute blocks of activity, and 5 minutes of rest. Watching an egg timer count down from 15 minutes gives you a strong incentive to keep working hard!

10. Visualize success.

I’m a firm believer in the power of visualization. By visualizing yourself taking action and getting things done (especially crossing that all important end state of your task at hand) you will find it easier to avoid procrastination.

Thanks for reading my article; I sincerely hope you have learned some strategies that will teach you how to deal with procrastination.

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