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Focus and concentration are two key skills and abilities that can have the greatest impact on both your level of success and accomplishment.

These are the two skills that separate the winners from everyone else and they are also the skills that help propel the highly self disciplined person to extraordinary levels of success and achievements.

A Quick Explanation Of Focus And Concentration

Being able to focus and concentrate basically means being able to place your attention and efforts on what ever project, task, problem or activity that you choose and keep it there to the exclusion of all other distracting thoughts or activities.

Why It Is Important To Improve Focus And Concentration

The biggest reason why you need to practice and develop your ability to focus and concentrate is that with out these skills you will find that your life can take a downward spiral in all areas. This can quickly lead to feelings of overwhelm, helplessness, depression and being totally out of control of your life.

The good news is that this does not have to happen to you and by taking a few simple steps on a daily, consistant basis you can start moving your life forward in any direction that you choose.

How To Improve Focus And Concentration In 3 Simple Steps

Here are some simple and basic steps that you can start doing today to start getting better results.

Step 1.) Plan your task in advance – When you have something important that you need to do well on you should write it down on your to do list at least a day in advance. This will allow you to prepare for it and prepare yourself to be at your best. This should also include planning short rest breaks if you are going to be working on something for more than an hour or so, at a time. Breaking your projects down into manageable blocks of time can also help you increase your overall productivity as well.

Step 2.) Take Care Of Your Health – Not only will it help to improve your focus and concentration but it will also benefit you in every other area of your life as well. This should start with the basics like :

* Eating a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, calcium and proteins. For most people you can also increase your energy level by taking a daily multi-vitamin and drinking plenty of water throughout your day.

* Doing daily exercises at least once a day. If you can do at least 20-30 mins of light stretching and cardio vascular exercises like taking a brisk walk, jogging, running or what ever works best for you to help increase your heart rate. This will raise your energy level and your ability to focus and concentrate simply because you will feel better about yourself and when you feel better, you are also able do better.

* Getting a good nights rest. As a rule of thumb you should get a minimum of 6 – 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep as often as possible. A good practice that may help you achieve this goal is to develop the habit of going to bed 8 1/2 to 9 hours before you need to wake up the next morning. This will give you time to unwind from the day and focus your mind on getting a good nights rest.

Step 3.) Prevent as many interruptions as possible – This may mean letting everyone know that you will be working during certain hours of the day and unavailable until a certain time or it may mean turning your cellphone off and closing out all other possible distractions such as email, facebook, etc, etc…

The ability to focus and concentrate well is a skill that is developed over time and may initially take a good deal of conscious effort on your part. However if you are serious about increasing your success in life as quickly as possible then these are the two key skills that you should be working on. This is true because these are the skills that will be able to help you the most in improving your ability to achieve any goal that you can set for yourself.

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