I’m gonna put my hand up here and be honest – I was really lazy all throughout school. If there was a way to shortcut or sidetrack anything, then I would find it. I actually did alright at school (although this strategy didn’t pay off so well at college).

However, I get a bit down on myself when I think about how much better I could have done by being more motivated, productive, and efficient at school. That’s why I decided to put this blog post together. Today you are going to learn how to stop being lazy in school … if you’re sick and tired of getting nothing done at school, then you need to read this blog post (and share it with all your friends and family!).

So without further ado, let’s discover how you can stop being lazy in school:

  1. Find subjects you really love. Sure, there will be courses you are compulsorily required to take, but if you can find things you really love, then you will be far more likely to get to work and get them done.
  2. Get more sleep. As a school student, the chances are that you don’t get enough sleep. If you’re falling asleep at 1am and up at 7am, that just isn’t enough for your mind and body to be refreshed. When you are tired you will find yourself lacking concentration and focus, which will in turn contribute to procrastination.
  3. Get more exercise. Physical activity – whether it’s school sports, hitting the gym, or just going for a walk – releases feel-good hormones and gets your body energized to take action. If you’re not a very active person, then this could make a huge difference.
  4. Cut out distractions. If you want to learn how to stop being lazy in school, then you need to learn the importance of cutting distractions out from your work time. Chances are that you study/do your homework with 15 different browser tabs open, and your phone sitting next to your work, buzzing every couple of minutes with a fresh text or notification. This is no way to work – you need to banish all distractions from your work space if you actually want to get to work. Start by working in a different room to where you leave your cell phone/smart device (if you have one). Use noise cancelling headphones if you are working in a library or noisy space.
  5. Just get started. The best way to stop being lazy is to start doing work. Pick something you need to do and work at it as best you can. Block those distractions out, and put all your heart and soul into completing it in a timely manner, and to a high standard. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with a little effort

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