Listen up … this article is going to be quick. Today you are going to learn how to stop procrastinating and start studying, so that you can get better grades with less hassle.

Let’s dive straight in:

  1. Identify your main distractions/”procrastination vectors”. If you want to learn how to stop procrastinating, and get studying effectively instead, then you need to start by identifying what distracts you and prevents you from working. My guess is that it will probably be something like social media, Buzzfeed, or YouTube. Just start by identifying what truly distracts you from work.
  2. Rank your study in order of importance. Another form of procrastination that isn’t discussed enough is the sneaky tendency to do easier/faster things first. So you might find yourself studying now for a 5% test that is 2 months away, rather than writing your essay due next week. The solution, if you want to stop the procrastination and start the study, is to rank your study in order of importance … and then force yourself to work on the crucial stuff first.
  3. Break work down into manageable chunks. When you first start on the long road to motivational enlightenment, you won’t be able to sit there for 2-3 hours at a time and work with unbroken concentration. Just throw that notion out of the top floor window! Instead, you need to focus on breaking work down into manageable chunks and going from there. When I first became interested in learning how to beat procrastination and start studying, I discovered that 15 minutes is just about the ultimate amount of time to work for in a smaller chunk. It’s not so long that your concentration wanders, and not so short that you wind up not getting any useful work done.
  4. Cut the crap and get to work. This might be a bit harsh, but if you want to get stuff done then you need to get started ASAP! Thinking about work doesn’t help anybody; you need to actually start doing. So put down whatever is distracting you (even this blog) and get to work.

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