5 Inspiring Books for Teenagers

Reading is an important way of discovering new things that help teenagers grow, enlightening them about the world. Books do not only offer an escape from the real world, but also provide insightful messages that can be applied in daily life. Here is a list of books teenagers must read to help them get through their struggles as they transition into adulthood.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

This book circles around the life of fifteen-year-old Charlie, a freshman in high school. He is described in the book as a wallflower – someone who watches life from the sidelines. Charlie’s life begins to see some color when he meets two free-spirited people named Sam and Patrick. Together, the three friends unravel the joy and meaning of friendship, love, and so much more. Charlie has become a more confident person, but this newfound self is threatened once his two best friends leave for college.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a coming of age story that would help enlighten teenage readers of the struggles and obstacles they will face as they enter adulthood, and how to make it through the difficult transition. It is a book of teenage discovery, showing readers the process of how the young Charlie finds out more about the world, the people around him, and most of all, himself.

Inspirational Books for Teenagers The book will take readers into a rollercoaster ride of emotions, making readers feel happy, sad, and a mixture of both as they read on. It is important to note that the book touches the topic of homosexuality, friendship, love, drugs, sex, and some swearing that may not be suitable for younger readers.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

A young shepherd named Santiago experiences a recurring dream every time he sleeps under the sycamore tree near an abandoned church. In this dream, a child tells him that he will be able to find a hidden treasure at the Egyptian pyramids. When he asked an old gypsy woman to interpret his dream, she sees it as something prophetic and advised him to go to the pyramids.

Next, he meets an old man who also advised him the same thing. Santiago finally made up his mind and sold his flock, preparing to set off on his adventure. In his journey, Santiago is met with several good and bad circumstances and discovers a lot about the world, and himself. Along the way, he meets an alchemist who helped lead him to his quest. In the end, he finds the treasure hidden somewhere where he’d been all along.

This novel is a work full of inspiring passages that ignites readers to live life better and to see things in a different perspective. Teenagers could imagine themselves as the young Santiago, taking the risk to find the treasure, and discovering something even more fulfilling. The Alchemist is a wonderful story that will take the readers into a journey of finding a treasure that is out of this world – something that is found from within.

Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom

This true story presents the life of two people from different worlds – a Jew and a Christian. It begins when Albert L. Lewis, Mitch Albom’s childhood rabbi, requested him to do his eulogy during the rabii’s funeral. But Albom is hesitant due to the fact that he has not known this old man very well. He eventually accepts the task, on the condition that he must be able to see the life of the old man outside his role as a rabbi. As Albom gets to know Lewis, he also begins to discover more about himself and about life. The old man shared with him his knowledge about how he lives his life through his faith.

The other side of the story narrates Albom’s involvement with a pastor near his home who used to be a drug dealer and a convict. Mitch Albom witnesses how this man relies on his faith to overcome all the challenges his church and his self are faced with.

The book is an insightful story that enlightens readers on living a simple and happy life. It takes us on a journey of a man who has lost his way but who eventually comes back with the help of faith.

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

My Sister’s Keeper is a story of teenager Anna Fitzgerald, with an older sister named Kate who suffers from a blood and bone marrow cancer (acute promyelocytic leukemia). Anna is a savior sister who donates anything that Kate needs. Everything was successful at first, but Kate’s cancer began to spread, requiring Anna to donate one of her kidneys to her sister.

The operation would be a difficult one for both of them, and the results would be uncertain. Kate could die, and living with only one kidney would make Anna’s life difficult. Anna consults a lawyer in order to be able to decide for herself about the kidney donation. The judge ruled in favor of Anna, and after this the story takes an unexpected turn.

This book is an eye-opener for teenagers, showing them how complicated it is to make the right decisions. The story presents issues within the family that extends to more complicated ethical issues, testing a family’s relationship and love for each other. It displays how a young girl is greatly affected by everything that is going on within her family, and it shows the readers the dilemma of weighing choices and picking the ones that would be best for everyone, especially the people they love.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

The novel is a story of a young man named Pi who survived a shipwreck and stayed in a lifeboat with his Bengal tiger. The book is divided into three parts. First, it narrates Pi’s childhood, with his family owning a zoo in India. As he grew older, he began to study the religion of Christianity and Islam, and decided to adhere to the two religions plus Hinduism – the religion he was raised to believe.

This is because he wants to love and understand God through the perspective of the three religions. Second, the story continues with the Pi, his family, and their zoo animals boarding a ship to North America. On their way, they encounter a storm that sinks the ship, leaving Pi and a few animals to survive. The third part shows the conversation between Pi and some transport officials about the shipwreck.

The story is an interesting read for teenagers, showing them how a young man is able to explore his spirituality at an early age. The book inspires teenagers to create their own story and anticipate growth, and presents the awareness of being practical under any situation. It also slowly introduces teenage readers to independence, as they begin to make their own choices that would shape their life. The Life of Pi awakens the young readers about the struggles of life and how to survive it no matter what the circumstance.


These are only a few of many insightful books that can be found in the market, but we hope that these will be able to inspire teenagers to live life better and become more open-minded about the world.