How to Encourage your Child to Seek Employment

Motivating teenagers to look for a job is one of the most challenging tasks of most parents today. This especially holds true if they have a son/daughter who seems to be uninterested in doing things on their own just yet or in earning their own pay cheque. However, with proper guidance and tips, you, as a parent, will finally be able to tap into your teen’s curiosity and make them feel excited about the prospect of landing a job.

One reason why you have to concern yourself about encouraging your teenager is that once they land a job, they will obtain a clearer idea of what it feels like to be working and earning their own money. Your child can start earning their own money and pay for their own expenses and the things that they like without asking anything from you.

In addition, they will learn some life lessons that can apply while they journey into adulthood. Some of the things that they can learn are proper money management techniques, as well as some career lessons that can help them succeed in the future.

Now that you know how important it is to inspire and motivate your teen to look for a job, here are some of the tips that can definitely help you:


Make him/her feel excited about the prospect of working

Remember that you can’t motivate or encourage your teen to find a job if there is nothing that will excite them about it. Note that the majority of teens today tend to question the reason for almost everything. If they are unsatisfied with the answer, then you may find it really difficult to get them to do something.

There is no need for you to brand them negatively, like calling them lazy, if they tend to refuse the idea of working. Keep in mind that in most cases, it is not actually that a teenager is lazy or tends to rebel when you ask them to do something. What a teen actually needs is a personal connection to the reason or a source of motivation

You should be able to present your teen with a valid reason why you are currently encouraging them to hunt for a job. Some of the motivational reasons that you can use are having the opportunity to obtain valuable work experiences, improve his interpersonal and communication skills, and learn new skills, as well as having financial freedom as they can start spending their own money. The good news is that all these opportunities can result in cultivating additional skills, such as time management, budgeting, and sense of responsibility.


Be aware of his/her interests

Spend time talking to your teen so you will get to know them and their interests. Remember that you can’t force them to work if the job opportunities that you suggest to them don’t fall in their interests. Have a sit-down discussion with your teen so you will know their likes and dislikes. Make sure that the time you decide to talk to them is that when the both of you are relaxed. Ensure that you’re in a relaxed and motivating environment too.

Ask them questions about the specific activities that make them happy. Also, figure out the specific areas where your teen is good at (their strengths). Presenting career opportunities that they like will definitely inspire them to get out there and apply themselves.





Be fully aware of his/her worries, concerns, and fears

If your teen seems to be not interested in applying for a job, then avoid branding them lazy right away. There may be other worries, concerns, and fears that stop them from doing so. As a parent, it is your responsibility to get to know your teen on a deeper level, so you will be aware of such negativities. By familiarizing yourself about all these, you can craft and execute a good action plan that will alleviate your teen’s worries and fears.

For instance, if he/she is into sports or tries to excel academically, then they might not have enough time to look for a part-time job. Avoid pressuring your teen too much in this case as putting too much on their schedule might cause them to get overwhelmed. If they have low self-confidence, then offer them the support they need to raise their confidence, so the next time you ask them to find a job, they be more accepting of the idea without worrying too much about rejection.

You also have to help them handle their fears. As a teen, job hunting is still new to them. That said, it is crucial for you to learn how to distinguish anxiety and fear from laziness, so you will know exactly how you can guide your kid.


Emphasize long-term benefits

The labor market tends to continue showing its prolonged weakness in the news headlines. You can use this info to teach your teen and emphasize to them how important it is to have an early job experience. Keep in mind that teenagers today have more competition than in the past as some unemployed adults also vie for attention in the job market.

Even if your teen gets rejected several times, you can use such rejections as a way to further inspire them. You can let them learn a few life lessons from such rejections as these are always part of life. Instead of giving up, motivate your teen to move ahead despite countless rejections when applying for a job. Such is the key to making them more resilient to challenges.


Point your teen to the right direction

Teenage Emplyoment BakeryAvoid suggesting to your teen certain career opportunities that do not match their skills and interests, as well as those that have a higher chance of making them face rejections. Ask them to apply to jobs that hire young people, specifically, like parks, summer camps, and swimming clubs. Also, do not underestimate the power of a volunteering job.

While it is not a paying job, it can actually give them a rewarding work experience. In addition, they can learn several things from volunteering. Your teen can even cultivate life skills and learn a few life lessons that they can use to succeed in the future.


Never compare your past job hunting experiences to that of your teen

Do not make the mistake of comparing your previous job hunting experiences when you were still a teenager with your own kid’s present situation. Note that what worked for you back then may no longer apply today because of the numerous changes in economic conditions.

To motivate your teen to find a job and accomplish his/her career goals, you have to understand fully how to search for a job successfully during this modern time and age. Explain the entire process to them once you fully understand it. Also, be persistent and creative during the time when you’re still motivating and explaining things to them.



While it’s quite challenging for parents to motivate their teens to get a job, it’s actually possible with the proper guidance and tips. Use the tips mentioned in this article to inspire your teen and make them feel interested in hunting for and landing a good paying job. Just make sure that you don’t easily lose your patience when dealing with your teen. Stay calm, maintain a good sense of humor, and offer your support, as such will really push them towards the right employment direction.