How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

There are many cases where you will be required to persuade someone in life for you to be able to access certain privileges. It can be a case where you will like to be employed or in normal life where you will like someone to do you a certain favor.

It is normal for you to develop fear due to the fact that you do not know the answer of the person whom you are trying to persuade. Mostly your fear will be based around a case where your request will be refused. It can be challenging particularly if this was your only option, but that should not prevent you from trying.

Even if you consider the request too hard for you to be granted. you still need to try.

Overcoming failure

 5 simple tips for you on overcoming the fear of refusal when persuading:

1. Focus your mind in expecting the best

Fear while trying to persuade will come in when you will start thinking of the worst. For you to avoid cases where fear will overcome you, you should focus on your success. Just think of the way you will achieve in case your request is accepted. If possible you should make assumptions and start thinking on how you will enjoy success after your request has been granted after persuading. When persuading, you should avoid cases where you will be thinking of the embarrassments that you will be exposed to after you have been refused your request. This can lead you to developing more fear which is unnecessary.

2. Focus on solutions in case there is a case of refusal

In most cases when persuading someone he or she will offer certain reasons for refusing your offer or request. For you to avoid the fear that may be developing in you, you should try and have all the possible answers to the reasons that the person may offer for rejecting your request. After you equip yourself with the answers you will gather enough courage for you to face the person and persuade for you to be granted your request. With the possible answers you will easily convince the person that you really deserve the privilege that you are asking to be granted.

3. Revisit your victories

There are certain achieves you have ever made in your life when making different requests. For you to easily overcome the fear of persuading you should try and focus on your success. Try to tell yourself that if it was possible for you to win a certain request where you had to approach people who were very difficult, then it will be easy for you to win in a certain case where you will like to persuade people for them to offer you certain privileges. After you have reflected on your success you will easily increase your chances of winning in a given situation where you will like to persuade for a certain favor. In case there are cases where you had failed previously you need to try and figure out the cause and encourage yourself by believing that it will not repeat itself.

4. Encourage yourself through the success of others

There are people in your society or whom you know have achieved through persuading. For you to overcome the fear you need to try and encourage yourself through reading about the success of those people. There are others who were likely to fail in their struggle to achieve certain privileges that they were requesting for, but they ended up winning. You can easily access a lot of encouragement from such people after you take your time and familiarize with those people before you decide to go for your request. You should also encourage yourself by the fact that even if you will be denied the request you will also have your life for you to live.

5. Discuss with your family and friend for you to get encouraged

Before you decide to approach whomever you are trying to request for certain privileges you need to discuss with your close friends and family members who will advise you on how to tackle the situation and overcome the fear. After you have discussed with friends and family members you will really enjoy where you will be able to easily overcome the fear in persuading someone for you to access privileges.