There’s nothing in this world quite like having your game face on. When you’ve got epic concentration you feel like you can do anything life throws at you.

But unfortunately, life gets in the way of concentration. Whether it’s a lack of sleep, poor diet, or some other hindrance, chances are you probably find it hard to concentrate (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog, right?)

In this blog post I’m going to outline my favorite vitamins for concentration. You’ll see the best value, best performing supplements for transforming you from zero to hero.  By taking vitamins and supplements that help to increase your concentration, you can do some pretty amazing things with your life.

Which Individual Supplements Work for Focus & Concentration?

Before we examine the best “multi” supplements and vitamins that aid concentration, let’s take a quick look at some of the most effective individual elements:

  1. Iron – There is a strong chance your diet may be low in iron, and this has been proven to lead to lowered focus and concentration. Check out this Pharmacy Times article  for interesting reading on the subject.
  2. Vitamin B12 – Deficiency in this vitamin is linked with impaired cognitive function and even depression.
  3. Fish Oil – Omega 3 oils have long been known to assist with healthy brain function, which in turn enhances your ability to focus and concentrate.
  4. Zinc – Has been proven to assist in cases of ADHD, and is an all-around essential supplement for mental and physical health.
  5. Gingko Biloba – Helps improve blood flow to the brain, which can result in improved concentration.

On top of the famous five above, there are many other vitamins, minerals, and herbs that work wonders for improving your concentration.

The Ultimate Vitamin Supplement for Concentration

Although you could sit at your breakfast table popping pills all day, in the words of that famous viral Internet video “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

That’s why I’m a big fan of taking a combined vitamin supplement, and thankfully my favorite one totally kicks ass at improving concentration levels as well.

It’s called Excelerol – you can check it out on Amazon here. Now Excelerol is a bit more expensive than its competition, but as a vitamin for focus  and concentration it is without rival (in my humble opinion).

The benefits of Excelerol are clear:

  • You only need to take one supplement daily
  • It supports improved memory
  • Enhance your focus and concentration
  • Boost your alertness without resorting to sugary energy drinks or calorie-laden coffee

If you’re looking to get your focus and concentration firing with Excelerol’s vitamin and mineral formula, I recommend starting with a one month supply. This will let you get a good feel for the product, and see if it gives you the same results as it does for me.

You can click here to get your Excelerol. This is reasonably expensive, but if you were to add together the cost of purchasing individual supplements you would hardly come out better off. Add to this the extra convenience of Excelerol, and you can see why I recommend it as the best vitamin for focus.