Time Management Apps

I often get bombarded with questions about the time management apps/software that I use (you too can bombard me with questions by visiting my contact page).

I’m sure it needs no explaining to you that modern technology – especially smart phones/devices – offer some amazing benefits … although they can also contribute to or exacerbate an existing procrastination problem.

So I think the best course of action is for me to lay it out in the open – what time management applications and software do I use on a regular basis?

As far as hardware goes, I pack an iPhone and a Mac Mini. Nothing too flash (and no I’m not an Apple fanboy – when it comes time to upgrade my computer I want to go back to Windows, and I’m really tempted by those flashy new Nokia phones as well).

If you were expecting me to use a plethora of time management apps and services, then you’ll be sorely mistaken.

Here’s what I use:

Wunderlist (for phone and desktop) – this app allows me to create to-do lists, and then sync them across my devices. It’s just as easy as using pen and paper, and I can create lists that are filtered by different categories. So, for example, I can keep to-do items for this blog separate from daily chores, etc. There’s a premium paid option … but I haven’t yet explored that.

StayFocusd – This Chrome browser extension allows me to block websites that waste my time. I allow myself 10 minutes per day on social media/online shopping, and after that StayFocusd will block me. The coolest thing about this app (apart from the fact that it’s free) is that there is so much flexibility. You can go “nuclear” and ban yourself from the Internet … if you really want to.

The Action Machine – This is a powerful piece of time-boxing software, which helps me to visualize where I am spending my time each day. I use it to plan where I’m going to spend my time, and then track the actual time I spend against those estimates. You can read my review of The Action Machine here – it’s a premium/paid program (costs $47 USD) but I think is worth it for the increase in productivity that you will gain. The software is for desktop/laptop computers, and works on Mac and PC.

And that’s it really. I have explored some other programs in the past (I was formerly a big fan of Todoist … but decided that I liked the combination of Wunderlist and The Action Machine better).

Do you have any recommendations for great time management software?

If so, then get in contact with me and let me know … I’ll always be happy to try it out and give an honest review.