If you are falling behind in class because you have lost the passion for your course, or you may be struggling to take it all in, don’t give up. Are you struggling to pick up the books or turn up for lectures? Well know this – failing university or college is going to have a huge impact on your life.

Too many people look forward to college because it is a time to have fun and meet new friends, try out new things and enjoying yourself. However, it is the foundation for your adult life – it teaches you all about working with other people and the process of learning and improving yourself.

However, a lot of people can struggle to stay motivated – maybe the course is too tough or it bores you. However, the way the world works is the hardest and most boring subjects are also the most lucrative careers. If you are struggling to get motivated, look into these methods which will help you stay motivated and pass your exams;

Stop and start with interesting pieces

No matter how boring you find your course, you will find one bit interesting. The best thing to do is rather than stopping for constant breaks to remind yourself that you are in fact interested, start the part which interests you most. This means that when you come back to study, you will be motivated to learn because you enjoy the subject itself.

Set yourself challenges –

The hardest part is getting started, and maintaining a decent pace. The most difficult part is keeping momentum. Tell yourself that when you are not wanting to get started studying, that you will study for just five minutes. Tell yourself that you will stop after five minutes of pure cramming, this makes the idea of spending your time studying less painful and makes it easier to digest and get going. Usually, once you have been working for five minutes, you notice twenty has passed.

Remove distractions –

When you have a smartphone, a TV, a games console and music to choose from, as well as friends, family and computers, it is so hard to stay motivated and keep studying. I remember studying for my exams while constantly playing Football Manager. It was obviously not the best way to study, so eventually I had to sit in the garden with no distractions around me. However, if you have to go a long distance to watch TV and procrastinate, then this will change things for you as you will not be worth going for now.

Set goals –

Make sure that you are determined as possible. Tell yourself that “Tonight, I will master the studies of X” and the next day you will conquer the next part. There is no point trying to squash spattering’s of information of different subjects in there. Become an authority on one subject every night and you will make a lot more progress.