Procrastination – The Enemy Of Your Success

How to prevent procrastination – understand and battle the enemy of your success

Have you ever found yourself in one of these situations?

  • You have a paper to write and you know you had better start straight away if you want to finish in time, but there is always something coming up to prevent you from putting all your good resolutions into action.
  • You really want to achieve as a student and work hard, but somehow you don’t seem focused enough.
  • You have been trusted with a big project at work and even though you were so motivated initially to impress your boss and co-workers, you have ended up leaving it until the last minute and are now struggling to get everything done.

Do these situations sound familiar to you?

How are you supposed to prevent procrastination and stop other things from getting in the way? Don’t worry. You are not a hopeless case – nor are you lazier than all the perfect students and employees out there who always seem to finish their work in time without too much of an effort. Procrastination hardly ever has to do with laziness.

All you need in order to stop your procrastinating effectively are a few tips that those people you admire (or, let’s be honest here, resent) are already busy applying. How can you find out about those secret weapons against procrastination? We have the most effective tips for you right here.

Fear as procrastination’s accomplice
How can you effectively battle procrastination? By understanding it. People do not procrastinate because they don’t care. Rather, they repress the thoughts of an unpleasant, overwhelming task that they doubt they are capable of actually accomplishing. Suddenly, a million little tasks pop up from nowhere, waiting to be done. And after each and every one of them, you get the nice feeling of accomplishment that you should be getting out of your work or studies.

Have you ever had to work on a very tight deadline? Yes? Do you remember the feeling that it would have been so easy, if you had only had more time to do it? Well, you can stop procrastinating right now and start with your first steps towards the goal. You don’t have to do everything at once (at least not when you start early!) – a little bit at a time will suffice. And each time you work towards your goal, your fear, and therefore your reason to procrastinate, will diminish.

Pressure as the natural enemy of procrastination

Many people say they work better under pressure. While having the goal right in front of you may help you focus, working on a tight deadline can be wearing and frightening. You probably curse your ‘laziness’ whenever you have to do it. So how can you overcome the ‘laziness’ and procrastination that stems from having too much time at your hands?

Again, divvying up your project into bite-sized portions helps. Spend a day or two organizing what needs to be done in little tasks for each day. Make a schedule and stick to it. That way, you have a deadline each day, which will stop you from procrastinating.

Social networks as procrastination hell

Social networks are probably the most harmful when it comes to distracting you from your work and luring you into procrastination. Especially when you work at home they can significantly impair your project’s success.

How can you stop them from spreading laziness and distraction? Limit the amount of time you spend on there to a reasonable number of minutes, such as a quarter of an hour, twice a day. You wouldn’t be allowed to chat to friends at work, so why would you let yourself at home? You will see, it will be much easier to stop procrastinating and get focused again without a new update popping up somewhere every few seconds.

If you stick to these tips, you should see significant change in your motivation and self confidence very soon. Procrastination is not your destiny and laziness is not a character trait. They can be beaten!