NLP Techniques To Overcome Procrastination

One of the most powerful ways you can use NLP in your life is to help overcome procrastination.

If you’ve been suffering from the ill-effects of procrastination for too long, then keep reading. In this article I’m going to teach you a basic strategy for beating procrastination with sound NLP techniques.

NLP is an extremely diverse field of study and practice; there are many techniques from the NLP “toolbox” that could help you to beat procrastination.

But what is the best NLP technique you can use to overcome procrastination?

Today you are going to learn a powerful technique that helps you to stop procrastinating, and even goes so far as to help you turn your procrastination into a positive power in your life.


One of the core tenets of NLP is the act of “anchoring”, and the process that surrounds it. In this article we are going to build on the practice of anchoring, and use NLP chaining anchors to help defeat procrastination for good.

Many NLP practitioners have experienced remarkable success at overcoming procrastination through the use of chaining anchors.

But before exploring how NLP chaining anchors are going to help, let’s first try to understand why you procrastinate in the first place.

There is a huge range of reasons for procrastination; it is something that varies significantly from person to person. However, a common thread that runs through most cases of procrastination is a lack of motivation to achieve something meaningful in life.

When there is a lack of focus and drive towards completing a goal, it becomes all-too-easy to sit around “kicking your heels” and procrastinating. Therefore, in order to beat procrastination you need a goal, and you need to develop motivation in order to accomplish that goal.

Because being motivated can seem so far away (as in it appears as an unreachable goal) you can use a chain of anchors to move you from your present state, to one of maximum motivation and drive.

NLP programming the brain

One of the most powerful aspects of using chaining anchors to overcome procrastination is that they can help you escape a state of being stuck, and instead get you motivated to start. If you are stuck feeling uncertain, confused, and unmotivated, then deploying NLP chaining anchors will help you to break free from this mindset.

Chaining Anchors

Here’s how to start overcoming procrastination using NLP chaining anchors:

You need to start by determining the intermediary states that will take you from procrastination to motivation. Imagine that you are standing at the bank of a river, and on the other side of that river is what you desire (i.e. motivation). Your chaining anchors are like stepping stones across the river!

Now you need to anchor-in on procrastination, and recall a past experience where you suffered badly from procrastination. How does it feel to procrastinate? What are the common threads that weave through you when you procrastinate. You need to be able to visualize and feel procrastination – and, when you can do so – break state.

It is now time to develop an anchor for each of the intermediate states in your chain; each state also needs to be broken before progressing.

Anchor on the final state, where you feel strong motivation. What does it feel like to you to be motivated? It’s important to focus intently on this anchor, as the stronger it is the more powerful your results will be.

By now you should have a solid chain of anchors that will take you from procrastination through to motivation. You can move through the chain by firing each anchor in sequence, and then releasing it just before the state declines. Practice the chain so that it becomes conditioned as well.

If you followed the process correctly, you should be able to overcome procrastination and reach motivational excellence, just by firing the correct anchor. If that’s not an appealing solution to procrastination, then I don’t know what is!

Procrastination is something that can be beaten; I’ve done it, and I know you have the power to do it too.


By utilizing NLP techniques in your life in order to aid your struggle against procrastination, you will see some fantastic results.