“What vitamins are good for energy?”

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes you will simply feel lethargic and unenergetic. For whatever reason, there just isn’t enough juice in your batteries to get you up and at it!

The good news is that there are a wide array of supplements you can use to enhance your energy levels. In this article I’m going to answer a popular question that I often get asked on this blog:

If you’re looking to enhance your energy levels, focus, and drive through correct supplementation, then you’ve come to the right place.

Pay close attention as I rattle off a list of what vitamins are good for energy. You can click on any of the links to see suggested vitamin products on Amazon as well:

Vitamin B12

Time and time again, B-group vitamins (especially B12) have been proven to have a noticeable impact on energy levels. Although most of us get adequate amounts of B vitamins, if you are a vegetarian there may be a solid chance that you are deficient in this important group of vitamins.

Folic Acid

Deficiency in folic acid can be a common problem owing to the fact that it is destroyed in foods during the cooking process. Similarly to iron, folic acid is required in order to produce red blood cells that function effectively.

Co Enzyme Q10

This popular vitamin supplement has been linked to boosting energy levels in those with chronic fatigue syndrome (amongst other benefits, which you can read here).


This crucial mineral is required for the effective production of haemoglobin, which carries oxygen through the blood. If you are deficient in iron, then your blood cells may not be able to carry sufficient oxygen to the body’s tissues, which can result in fatigue and low energy.


Evidence suggests that most people with chronic fatigue syndrome (or similar symptoms) are often deficient in magnesium. And that supplementing with magnesium is a recommended strategy for fighting back against chronic fatigue.


You don’t need to spend a fortune (or amass a huge “arsenal” of different supplements) to get the right vitamins that will help you boost your energy levels.

I’ve outlined five different supplements that will really help. However, my recommendation always has, and continues to be, that you go for a energy-boosting product that combines multiple vitamins and minerals into one convenient dosage.

Not only will this save you money in the long-term, but it also makes managing your dosage and supplementation regime much easier.

My recommendation for an all-in-one energy supplement also happens to be my favorite product for boosting brain power, memory, and mental focus. So if you’re after a single supplement product you can take on a daily basis that helps with energy levels and mental capability, then I suggest you have a read of my Excelerol review.


I am not a medical professional, and do not claim to know all the intricacies of science-based medicine.