Do you wonder why am I lazy?


Maybe you have trouble with motivation, and staying focused on tasks?

If so, then you have come to the right place. On this blog you are going to learn how to overcome laziness and beat procrastination forever.

Find inner motivation you never would have though possible. You are going to become more focused than a laser!

Now, let’s see if we can answer the question Why Am I Lazy?:

The dictionary definition of laziness refers to ‘indolence’; the disinclination to do work that leads to inactivity.

However, we all know that laziness in the modern sense also encompasses:

  • Feelings of low motivation
  • Lack of focus and mental clarity making work and action-taking harder
  • Procrastination
  • Anything that makes “getting stuff done” hard

Traditional remedies for laziness have basically consisted of the already-motivated telling you to “get off your bum” and start working. However, these things are easier said than done, and beating laziness is not as simple as others may claim.

Why You’re Lazy:

Laziness, lack of focus/concentration, and procrastination are the result of two main issues, in my experience:

  1. Incorrect strategies for dealing with work (basically you don’t know how to deal with your work, study, or daily tasks in an effective manner)
  2. Insufficient vitamins and minerals that are essential for cognitive function, as a result of the Western diet and poor lifestyle choices

The good news is that both of these laziness-causing factors are 100% fixable, and you can do it in days.

What you need to do to overcome laziness, beat procrastination.

Become more motivated and driven in 4 simple steps:

  • Attack all tasks (work, study etc) in small and manageable chunks.

Start by breaking it down into 30 minute slots, and increase your time from there.

Once you find it easy to get up and get working for 30 minutes, try for 45, and then 1 hour, until you reach a full day.

  • Visualize your goals to ensure success.

The world’s most successful people all visualize and believe in what they are doing (think the Law of Attraction).

You might also find that subliminal affirmations for laziness and motivation help you with goal visualization and taking-action

  • Remove “laziness catalysts” from your life,

Things such as TV or video games if they are preventing you from achieving what you desire.

Trade your TV and Xbox in for some extra cash, and then tuck it away for a rainy day. You won’t regret such decisions, trust me.

  • Address the biological imbalances in your brain that are causing motivation, focus, and mental clarity issues.

Ditch junk food, start exercising, and lower your alcohol consumption. The biggest benefit, however, comes from correct vitamin and mineral supplementation.

I’ve found that the best results (and I mean literally supercharging your brain for razor-sharp focus and V8 engine mental drive) come from using a product called Excelerol. In a very rapid period of time you will notice better memory, increased alertness, and most importantly the vanishing of the “symptoms” of laziness.

Excelerol uses a scientifically blended formulation of vitamins, minerals, and extracts to restore correct cognitive balance to your brain. Cool huh? Check out the overwhelming positive customer reviews on Amazon here. (and also buy your own supply).

  • This is a bonus tip – make sure you take action every day, no matter how small.

This will help you feel good about yourself and eventually lead to beating laziness!

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