What do you think causes laziness?

Is it some kind of genetic disorder passed down through the family line? Such a hypothesis would be appealing to anyone who suffers from laziness, but is ultimately a means of justification and is not satisfying enough for those of us who really want to understand the problem.

Is it caused by chemicals, or flouride in the water, or any “tin hat” stuff like that. Perhaps? There is some vague evidence to support this hypothesis, but again it is insufficient for our purposes.

Perhaps it is caused by some metabolic disorder like hypothyroidism? Whilst this may be true for some people it is not the case for the vast majority. If you want to learn more on hypothyroidism I recommend you read Hypothyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic

So what actually causes laziness? Today I am going to introduce you to the three pillars of laziness.

Hard work pays off later, laziness pays off now
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These are the three separate factors that are responsible for laziness and lack of action-taking in most people. These three pillars are:

Distraction –

Anything external that prevents you from taking action qualifies as a distraction.  Common examples of distractions are Facebook, Twitter, games or gaming, TV, etc. These things get in the way of and prevent you from doing the things you want to do. It is now common for a lot of people for them to believe they are able to multitask effectively, however studies have shown this is not the case. If fact when people believe they are multitasking they are just switching between the various tasks that they have on they go. Your brain is basically a single channel processor, so you have to switch off one task to do another and then switch back.

The multitude of information and information sources available now leads people to try and multitask in their ‘busy’ lives, as they will start on a task and then a tweet arrive that they feel they have to answer or a Facebook message etc. We are our own worst enemies is this area as we feel we need to stay connected all the time. Modern multitasking is a terrible cause of distraction as it puts too many different things in front of us at once.

This is the first area I would focus on if you are trying to achieve a task remove all distractions! Turn your cell phone off if you have to, but you must eliminate the distractions. If you are studying and can’t focus because roommates or family are distracting you then find a quiet place in which you are able to study.

Whilst these solutions seem too simple they are extremely effective. Try it!


Procrastination –

Procrastination is a psychological cause of laziness that basically means you put off things you need to do. This might sound somewhat similar to distraction, but the difference lies in the fact that procrastination is an internal factor.

It comes from within your mind and can be caused by various factors like fearing a negative outcome, or not being able to find a starting point.

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Lifestyle issues –

For a number of people the cause of their laziness can be identified by poor nutrition. Again today’s lifestyle drives people to taking quick snacks and take-away foods that overtime can lead to us feeling rundown, or being overweight. These areas like; poor diet, lack of the right vitamins and minerals, and/or insufficient exercise leave you with little energy that also contributes to your general feeling of laziness. For example, if you have an unhealthy diet that is laden with junk food and sugary snacks/drinks that lead to hormone or insulin spikes, then you will probably feel lazy because of them.

As a general rule of thumb the fresher the food you eat the better it is for you, it will contain more vitamins and minerals for your body’s sustenance. Think about the last time you ate unhealthy food, how did you feel an hour or so later? Full of energy and vitality or feeling tired and lazy?

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In my experience, most people who complain about being lazy identify to some extent with all three of the pillars of laziness. However,  one may be more of a problem than another. By identifying the factors that affect you, you can then take the appropriate steps to eliminate or minimize the impact of these different pillars.

Take these small actions and you will overcome laziness and become infinitely more motivated and productive. Do you need more information on beating laziness? Read my post on how to overcome laziness.

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