Memory Supplements That Won’t Break Your Bank Account

Everybody wants to increase their mental power. Whether you desire better grades at college or school, or you want an edge over the rest of your office that could help you clinch a raise or promotion, being “smarter”; always helps. In fact, it would be difficult to envisage a situation in which you could ever be too smart (of course the opposite is fairly easy to imagine for some people).

One of the cornerstones of having a truly impressive level of mental ability is a good memory. If you cannot remember things well, then you might as well pack up your suitcase and head home. Now you can try and improve your memory through the use of games, training puzzles, and other techniques – these are all effective and hold a lot of merit. However, the most important thing you should do for boosting your memory is to take the right supplements.

On this page you are going to discover the world’s 3 best memory supplements that will supercharge your brain until it is faster than a jet fighter in flight.

#1 Best Memory Supplement – Excelerol

Excelerol is the best supplement on the market for boosting your memory by a country mile. It is the strongest memory and concentration booster available on the market that doesn’t require a medical prescription, and it is also the most effective. Although

Excelerol is marketed as increasing memory, it also has other positive side effects such as making you more focused, more energetic, and even elevating your mood.

One of the best things about Excelerol is that it comes with a unique digital pill dispenser that is designed to ensure you get the absolute best dosage possible for great results. Correct supplement timing is essential for getting the results you want; and this is the easiest way to “get it done right”. All you do is load in the capsules, and the timer does the rest for you.

The two biggest downsides of Excelerol are that you have to take quite a lot of capsules (usually 2-3 daily) and it is much more expensive than competing products – at least three times the price. However, it is more potent and more effective as a memory supplement, so if you can afford the increased price you would be crazy not to do it.

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#2 – Nutrigold Bacopa Gold

If the thought of shelling out your hard-earned cash on Excelerol scares you a little bit, but you still want the next best memory supplement, then you cannot go far past Nutrigold Bacopa Gold. For under $20 including shipping, you get a couple of months worth of this very potent supplement. A number of clinical studies have shown that Bacopa extract is extremely effective at enhancing cognitive function (especially memory and fact recall).

Here’s what one guy had to say about Bacopa Gold:

After taking bacopa for a few weeks, I no longer find myself searching fruitlessly for the relevant information. It comes to me quickly and efficiently. It takes me much less time to take my tests, since I am no longer sitting for 5 minutes to try to think of a single answer. It is a great relief. Sitting there with the information just outside my grasp was so frustrating. My grades are higher now because of this, I hope it continues to help in the weeks to come. I will need it for finals week.

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#3 – NeuroIQ

Whereas Excelerol and Bacopa Gold are more focused on being specific memory supplements, NeuroIQ claims to be a general brain health enhancer. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews from real customers just like you, for the simple reason that the formula it uses is 100% scientifically proven. Basically, this means that what you are putting into your body is going to have a positive effect in the long run.

If you’re looking for a one size fits all formula for general cognitive health, memory increase, and even mood and frustration improvements, then NeuroIQ is your best bet. It is less expensive than Excelerol, but more expensive than Bacopa Gold.

One thing I love about NeuroIQ is that it is made in America, so not only are you supporting American jobs, but you can also be assured of the quality of the product.

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